Harvest Meat Company, Inc.

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The Harvest Family of Companies originally came together in 1989 when Frank Leavy, with sons Jay, Kevin and Dennis, opened branches in Phoenix and San Diego.

Few could have foreseen the remarkable growth that was the result of a solid foundation shaped by great family values, a hard work ethic, great market sense, and a keen vision for the industry. From 1989 to present, the company has grown to 11 refrigerated warehouse locations, a fleet of 175 trucks, more than 160 sales people, and a total of 500 employees. Currently, we serve more than 4500 customers in a quick, efficient manner in 35 states, including Alaska and Hawaii.

“Keep it simple” has always been an underlying business philosophy that has guided our growth within the Harvest Family of Companies. And very simply put, “Growth” has been our focus – growth in quality products, growth in product categories, and growth in customer counts. An integral part of this success has been our team of quality people, including our professional sales staff, accounting staff, IT department, and the dedicated warehouse and transportation departments. This team, combined with superior technologies in order processing, inventory control, truck tracking, market information, product handling, and UPC bar-code scanning have formed the company into a powerful full line marketer and distributor of perishable food products.

In addition to the original wholesale meat distribution centers in Phoenix and San Diego, Harvest opened branches in Orlando (1990), Kansas City (1994), Denver (1995), Dallas Ft Worth (2005), Sacramento (2007), and Sioux City (2008). Additional expansions included the acquisition of Western Boxed Meats in Portland (1998) and Joseph Solomon Sales in Los Angeles (2002). Today, these branches and their sales support offices span the map to offer hundreds of years of combined marketing, sales, and distribution experience to meet the needs of a diverse retail and food service customer base.

From the time the company was formed to present, this tremendous success remains a daily testament to The Harvest Family of Companies tested and true simple business philosophy – “Growth.”