Harvest Meat Company, Inc.

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1989 – Harvest Meat Company established.
The Leavy Family, consisting of father and sons combined decades of industry experience and relationships to form the beginnings of The Harvest Family of Companies.

1989 – San Diego, California Harvest Corporate HQ opened

Relying on existing relationships from a host of protein users in Southern California, San Diego didn’t miss a beat when they opened their doors in 1989. Today, the San Diego branch has grown to become one of the largest as well as the home of the hard working national staff in IT, Accounting. Marketing, Operations, and Administration.

1989 – Phoenix, Arizona branch opened

Thinking that strength’s in numbers, the Phoenix branch opened for business the same day as San Diego, ready to service a base of multiple chain store customers. Retail began as their strong suit and today they service a large base of retail and Hispanic markets and a growing number of food service distributors.

1990 – Orlando, Florida branch opened.

After the team was settled in the West, Orlando was the perfect expansion. In 1990, Orlando was the fastest growing city in America and The Harvest Family of Companies capitalized in exporting their business plan to the southeast. Twenty years of exceptional customer service and quality products have seen customers grow from zero to more than six hundred in the Florida market.

1994 – Kansas City, Kansas branch opened.

We entered Kansas City at the urging of our friends in the industry. There was a distribution business already in place that we acquired and transformed into a Harvest distribution center. Much like early humans, this location operated out of a cave in it’s infancy. Since those early times however, the Kansas City branch has grown and now owns a state of the art warehouse and ships goods to Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, and Northwest Arkansas.

1995 – Denver, Colorado branch opened.

Born out of large distribution agreement, Denver has grown their distribution area to Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico and parts of Nebraska and Kansas. Denver has earned the respect of the industry as evident by their increased product lines and large customer base servicing Hispanic retail chains, independent stores, and food service distributors.

1998 – Harvest acquired Western Boxed Meat, Portland, Oregon (Established 1983)

The Harvest Family of Companies acquired WBX in 1998. Today, the largest branch in the Harvest Family of Companies, this branch has helped to pave the way for all other Harvest branches to offer a complete line of value added, processed, and poultry products. WBX continues its march in the Pacific Northwest with the opening of a new Seattle sales office in March of 2010.

2002 – Harvest acquired Joseph Solomon Sales, Los Angeles, California (Established 1952)

In 2002, another reputable company joined the team with the acquisition of Joseph Solomon Sales. Harvest immediately recognized the tremendous reputation and integrity Joseph Solomon had built with their customers over the previous 40 years. Today the “Solomon” branch is on a growth curve that will someday rival sister companies in San Diego and Portland.

2005 – Dallas/Ft Worth branch opened

Another door opened for the Harvest family in 2005 when two Natural food retailers, headquartered in Phoenix, expanded into the Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex. The birth of Distribution Center #8 along with the help of sister Distribution Center in Phoenix now provides distribution services from the Metroplex to Austin, San Antonio, Roundrock, Waco and other locations in central and southeast Texas. Much growth is expected in 2011 and beyond.

2007 – Sacramento, California branch opened.

Long the northern boundary of the San Diego branch, Sac established a local presence in 2007 with it’s own warehouse, sales office and fleet of trucks. “On time” deliveries, “on hand” inventories and employees have all contributed to Sacramento’s increased success.

2008 – Sioux City, SD (Midwest) branch opened

Once again, Harvest capitalized on relationships by bringing in experts in the beef and pork field. Thus began the “selling from the heartland.” The Midwest branch takes full advantage of low operating costs to provide great values from all manufacturers. Their dedicated team is the envy of all branches and a great partner in helping to source products from both the U.S. and abroad.