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Turkey (Fresh & Frozen)

We offer an extensive selection year round of fresh and frozen raw turkey items.  From conventional to organic our suppliers provide high quality and consistency.  For the holidays we custom order fresh and specialty items to complete a full program to suit any retail and foodservice need.

Suppliers: Zacky, Norbest, Valchris Farms, Pride of the Farm, Foster Farms, Diestel, Butterball, Samuels Ranch, Jenny-O, Honeysuckle, California

Turkey Whole Body Frozen:
Turkey Toms
Turkey Hens
Product is available in conventional, natural, and organic
All Whole Body Turkeys are available fresh during season

Turkey Breast Frozen:
Turkey Breast Bone In sized
Turkey Breast Boneless
Turkey Breast Meat Boneless
Turkey Breast Tenderloins
Turkey Breast Scapula Meat

Turkey Roasts: Raw
Turkey Breast Roasts ready to cook
Turkey Roast Breast and Thigh (60/40)

Turkey Parts Frozen:
Drumsticks: Tray Pack and Bulk
Wings: Tray Pack and Bulk
Thighs: Boneless/Skinless Tray Pack and Bulk

Turkey Offal Frozen:

Turkey Grind:
Fresh/ Frozen – Retail and Foodservice